The 4th Biennial Congress of the West African Confederation of Societies of Anaesthetists (WACSA)

Theme: "Safety in Anaesthesia ".

This conference will include sessions discussing the indications for improved safety in anaesthesia and in addition to putting protocols in place to augment safety.

  • Improved training of anaesthesia practitioners (clinicians, nurses, technicians etc)
  • New drugs
  • New monitoring skills/technology (especially pulse oximetry and capnography)
  • Standards for monitoring and other aspects of anaesthesia care
  • Safety enhancements in anaesthesia equipment
  • Implementation of quality assurance and risk management programmes.
  • Anaesthesia Manpower development
  • Disaster Management

Airway Management: Includes airway maneuvers, invasive airway procedures and adjuncts to airway management.

Ultrasound guided nerve block: Knowledge of the imaging and needling techniques for nerve blocks in various regions of the body (Interscalene, Supraclavicular, Infraclavicular, Elbow to wrist, Popliteal, Axillary, Femoral, Ankle)

Accessing Circulation: Techniques and route to accessing the circulation

  • To create a platform where deliberations and applicable suggestions relevant to Safety in Anaesthesia can take place.
  • Enhancing and re-affirming knowledge and skill base of participants.
  • Ascertain practical and sustainable solutions to concerns faced in anaesthesia relative to the topics of presentation.